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Hello Any and All,

I have applied and been admitted to both unis and I already have my grades so I basically have my place in both unis ready and set.

However I have for the past few months been pin-ponging between these two options. For a few weeks I'll be convinced that De Montfort is best and then for a few weeks I'll have my heart set on Plymouth, but I haven't really been able to decide on either one.

This doesn't regularly happen to me so I am unsure as to what to do, input from others has been mixed and seeing as I am international no one really has personal or secondary information on either uni to offer.
The difference in finance is negligible and really isn't the problem, the problem is essentially everything else. WhatUni? and other websites seems to rank them quite closely and so isn't really useful either.

I was wondering if anyone could help me determine which university has a better covering of the course specifically with reference to law enforcement /criminal justice system.

I understand this is getting wordy so here it is:

Which University has a better; city/student life, employment opportunities and overall quality?

Any and all advice or opinions are greatly appreciated,
- JKBeta
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I know that De Montfort work closely with Leicestershire police on courses like that, (I'm applying to that course myself), so that may help you with career prospects. Plus you can volunteer with the specials. They offer the chance for summer overseas placements too on most courses.

I have a couple of friends at DMU who absolutely love it. There are decent night clubs and Leicester is an all round nice place.

Not sure on Plymouth

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