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Lately I've been thinking that i have a low sex drive, i'm an 18 year old male. I've been going out more lately and all my friends only really seem to talk about girls. I like girls too but i never really obsess about it and it gets on my nerves when we can never have a meaningful conversation. Furthermore whenever we go out it has to be to a club to pick up girls, every time we go out that's the only goal in everyone's mind. I don't mind going clubbing once in a while but i think every week is a little too much, i don't really like drinking but i do it anyway. My kind of fun would be going to the cinema or going to Thorpe park for example (Although i would much prefer to play video games with them lol) Anyway apparently some guys masturbate multiple times a day or every day, whereas i only do it once a week or two.

On another note, i'm definitely not gay, although i do support the LGBT community. The only issue i have with my low sex drive is that all my friends have/had a girlfriend while i have had girls interested in me before i usually just friend zone them or stop talking to them because we really have nothing in common. What i look for in a girl is mainly personality and things we have in common otherwise we'd just break up after a few months. To me it seems guys only care about sex when it comes to girls and their only motive to get a girlfriend is sex which always leads to a short relationship (from what I've observed from my friends)

Anyways, i'm worried because i feel like its hard for me to find a nice girl because i just friend zone them unintentionally since i don't like flirting and they lose attention. Anyone else have this issue or should i go to the doctor or something?
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The question here is how often do you actually crave sex rather than are you a jerk

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