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So what does this mean exactly.

I've glanced through AQA's and EdExcel's pages, and this new specification is to have its' first examination AS series in 2016 and A2 in 2017.

What does it mean for those who start their AS this year, will they be able to complete their A2's in 2016 following their old(current) specification? If so, will there be an opportunity to also sit current AS examinations in 2016, for those who've not managed to complete some of their earlier exams this summer series or for those who'd want to resit?

This concerns me slightly, as I am sitting the exams privately, and going to get full A-levels in this summer series in some subjects, however not in Physics. I was wanting to sit a couple of papers (one from AS and one from A2, both that have mechanical material in them). If I were to sit them this summer series, will that allow me to complete my specification in 2016?

There is another thing that arises, and those are practicals. I would need to do them both after these summers' exam series, making one of them an AS practical, will that still be an opportunity for me to do?

The reason as for why I am asking this, is because getting an A-level in Physics with the new specification will be a long wait, considering the A2 exams for them will only be available in 2017, and obviously I am not going to wait two and a half years to sit them.
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As a private candidate you are dependent both on what exams and practicals the examiners set and then on what the exam centre chooses to offer to private candidates.
You are right not assume anything and I strongly advise you to discuss your plans with the exams officer at your chosen centre.

If you take you AS exams in summer 2015, A2 exams and practical will definitely be available on the current specification for summer 2016. My understanding is that AS papers will also be set enabling resists where required, though a centre may not offer them if they have no internal candidates who need them (unless they are a private centre that specialises in private candidates). I suspect the AS practical could be a problem and you would be well advised to try and get it out of the way this academic year.

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