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Yesterday, my boyfriend got very drunk because he has depression and every day he is drinking, but yesterday he drank more. He promised me he would stop but that has gone out of the window. Yesterday he kept texting me whilst I was at work and saying how much he loves alcohol and that he is drunk and happy. I came home and I was tired and had work the next morning so I said I'm going to bed and he said he was going for a walk, so I left him to it.

As I was about to get in the shower, I heard his engine start! I legged it down the stairs and he was about to move off but I opened his car door, pulled the key out and literally swore at him and basically told him to get the F out of the car! I had to end up driving and taking him to this place he wanted to eat and I didn't get in til gone 11.30pm and I am feeling it this morning. I am so tired and upset, he said I treated him like s**t when I haven't. I stopped him from driving while drunk and he didn't like that.

He was all lovey dovey this morning I ignored everything and he said what have I done wrong, I just said what the hell, why don't you just think about it for once in your life! And off I went. I picked a double shift up because I just don't want to see him. I am playing hard to get but deep down I feel guilty as well. It reminds me of my past as my parent was an alcoholic and died as a result of it and I do not want to have to look after him when he is drunk, I have my education to get through. I am completely teetotal as well.

I am so angry about the fact he said I treat him like s**t when I was looking after his wellbeing and other people on the road who could of died because of him! I am scared that he is going to do something stupid now that I ignored him
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I think you need to get him to see a doctor, symptoms of depression are made worse by drinking as alcohol itself is a depressant. Also he seems to show a level of alcohol dependency judging by his daily habit. You have seen proof of his judgement being impaired and he is a danger to himself and others. I would advise to see a doctor with him. If he refuses, see YOUR doctor to ask for advice on getting him the appropriate treatment. I think at this point, by getting him professional help you will benefit him in the long term. He may feel betrayed by your actions but if he is an understanding guy then when his condition has improved, he should see your reasoning.

Best wishes x

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