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A levels VS Canadian high school

i am a student and i am in mid-way of my AS levels and i am done with more than half of its coursework and i was intending to give my exams in may from the Edexcel board but i got to know that i have to shift to Canada by this march and they don't value AS level and prefer their high school system more but if i get into the canadian system my 1 year will be wasted and whatever i've studied for my AS as well, but if i give my AS this may then i will have to do my A2 all on my own. i just wanted to ask which is a better option A levels or a Canadian high school?
Considering my situation, though i prefer the British system more but idk what the canadians prefer more (ohhhk i am damn confused) :/
I would go for A levels as i think they are more recognised etc.
Both Canadian high school diploma and UK AL are world recognised. In fact Canadian qualifications are much easier to get top grades and get admitted into top universities. so I would choose 100% Canadian.

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