Can someone give me advice on studying in America please, I'm English Watch

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I've posted this before but it was in the wrong section, so here we go again!

I think it’s usually really expensive to study abroad but Iheard that you can get hold of scholarships. It’s a silly question but what exactly is a scholarship? And how do youget one? I heard about some student who rejecteda placed to study maths at Cambridge to study at the University of NorthCarolina, which “awarded him a £130,000 scholarship to cover his fees andliving costs”.

I’ve been predicted 4 As for my AS levels and am thinking ofkeeping all four next year – my teachers have said I will be able to get atleast 3 A* at A level and I’m willing to put all the work in and do lots ofextra-curricular activities and that! Ido have pretty bad (well average) GCSEs because I was bullied – but theyprobably won’t care about these as much, will they?

Anyway I was asking one of my teachers about it and she waslike oh no it’s really expensive and you have to do the American equivalent ofA-levels online.

But with scholarships (whatever they actually are!) it seemspossible and I heard they’ll accept A levels as long as you do a SAT or ACTtest. Here’s some more questions! How hard are these and how much revisionshould I be doing for them each day?

Thank you
Tyler Bam
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Hey, just giving this thread a bump :bump: Are you sure you’ve posted in the right place? Posting in the specific university or course forum should help you get more responses. :yy:

If you haven’t already found it, then university connect is a really useful way for finding people at your course/university! You can also find a list of applicant threads and courses here.

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