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the bear
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Mama !
Yes Pellicula ?
See how my garments mould themselves to me
How they flow as i shimmer across the parquet
It is wonderful to be young with flawless skin;
I shall visit the aulum at noon
When the swains foregather
To admire us;
Perhaps Mentulus will attend
He is so manly
Mayn't you lend me two sesterces Mama
So i may offer turtle doves ?
I forbid you to parade in the aulum
Like a common strumpet child
Especially in front of oafs like that
Lowborn cowherd Mentulus
Take off that ridiculous dress
And those slutty shoes
Here this was your Aunt's
Mama it is the color of dung
And the texture is of badly cured dogskin
Here are her buskins
They are your size
Mama i hate you
All of my friends will be there
Chilling with the guys
It is for your own good child
Next you will be telling me
You want a tattoo on your ass
Or one of those piercings
Goodness knows where
Mama i was going to tell you
Belvedere in five
Yes Mama
Sorry Mama


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