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Hello all! I am very new to this page, and this is my first official post. I have read quite a lot of entries regarding medical schools in the UK, and I have decided that UCL is my first choice!

I am an international student, and my school does not have GSCE or A levels or any major exams like that... I am from a Math and Science school, and we have our own school diploma awarded upon 6 years of secondary education (secondary school and JC combined into a 6 year program). What are the chances of me being successful in applying to BMAT? My grades are not particularly stellar, but they are not shabby at all either, and my overall GPA is in the 80% range (As for Biology and Mathematics and Cs for physics and english cause these things to happen).

I would be 18 next year, and will apply for medical schools. UCL, as I have said, is my priority, hence I would like to fully understand how it works.

How heavily are academic results, as compared to personal statements and BMATs?

Also, I am wondering how are BMAT scored... There's around 30 questions, and scored on a scale of 1 - 9...? I am expecting that a BMAT score of 7 would be acceptable...

I am not particularly outstanding in English, as such I am really asking a lot in my forum... I can speak and understand fluent English, but writing is another issue...

Thank you to whoever that took their time to read and answer!
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UCL want really good academics eg A* predictions and excellent Gcse results. They look at your whole application before making a decision. Imperial have a BMAT cut off and so are more strict on the BMAT. Wait till next year and see how your results go.

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