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I have posted this anon because I'd rather my other half didn't find this. I am so confused right now my head is completely lost and could do with some advice.

We have a boy, he's 7. He's a happy boy, but we've had some problems with behavior. Recently it has improved a great deal because myself and my partner spend a good deal of time with him. More so my partner because I work a lot.

Anyway, the past 2 weeks his behavior has slipped. At school, and at home.

My partner's good friend has a child the same age, who goes to the same school. They met last year at the school. Her child is terrible, and our son spends a lot of time with him. He will shout at his mom, swear, and basically be very naughty. He comes into my house and tells me to shut up.

My partner has been letting my son go round there twice a week after school until about 6.30pm, where he will come home, have a bath and go to bed. And once or twice a week his friend (the naughty one) will come here.

My son will come back, and for days we have to work even harder on his behavior because he will come back, and copy his friend. Even today he came up to me and shouted at me.

This is upsetting, as this is not my child's behavior. He's only recently got like this and it's the exact same behavior his friend does.

His friend isn't disciplined. His mother will let him shout at her. And my son is spending 5 days at school with him, and then another 4 days in the week at his house, or he comes down here.

I've spoke to my other half, and I've explained that this behavior has only recently started happening since he's been spending too much time at his friends, instead of being at home on a school night.

Last week we spoke, and we agreed that we need to spend some time with our son to improve his behavior, and things like going to his friends will only happen if he can continue his good behavior. Any parent will know this doesn't happen over night.

So today we planned to do this. Except on the way home from school, my partners friend offered to have our son for dinner. And she allowed him to go.

Now, I kinda got upset by this because it's going against the plan to improve his behavior. Spending so much time around this kid is not healthy and it's going to have a negative effect on my sons behavior and upbringing.

I feel like I am failing my child and I have no say over his upbringing. It hurts. And I don't know what else to do. I don't want my child to grow up into an unruly child. He's 7, and already not listening and being aggressive back to us (again, he's only done this recently, and its the same thing his friend does).

And as much as I talk about this to my partner she seems to side with her friend.

Am I really a bad parent for wanting my child to have the best start in life?
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Of course it doesent make you a bad person!! You care about your son that much you dont want him to be bad, simple! If its that bad,.maybe take him to somebody who can councel you and your partner to help control him at home and prevent this from happening often.

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