my teacher wont help me /doesnt care about students

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I have essays to write. I have asked him many times about referencing twice he asked me to email the draft to him . I did many times and each time he just replied that I need additional support with essay structure/grammar
but no comments on referencing
I also asked how i could make the essay better in terms of content from the course and he wont tell me what bits are right wrong need improvement ect..
he just says go get additional support

the thing is I can get additional support on how to structure a sentence ect..
but they cant help me with my subject content.
he wont tell me what is right / wrong with the essay , how I can improve

after handing it in and he marks it
he speaks to all of us for 5 minutes each feedback

he told me what i had spelt wrong , where sentences were wrong , what I could improve , pointed out my references were were not correct to harvard referencing (yet would not tell me ANY of this before when I could have done something about it

I mean how hard is it to write down an example or quickly explain Harvard referencing to your class??!

he doesn't teach us the subject content until the essay is due in about two weeks time

Im really confused about how to write this next one but he wont give me any guidance as to what I should include/talk about ect.. I tried asking him I said "can i ask you about..." and he interrupted said no Im going to talk to the next person , talking over me and walking past me to the door and let the new one in.completely blanking me
It wasnt even like i was taking up alot of time id only been in there about 4 minutes and there was only one person after me

it doesnt matter what i ask all i get is "ask someone else"

iv been finding it difficult as well the writing support team only operate for about 4 hours a week and finding a time slot is difficult , and its more what i actually need to talk about in my essays that i need help on than sentence structure?

I dont know what to do? i dont want to fail over this i got a rubbish grade for the last assignment.
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yow'a foreign student? He't mark your essay if you't be English. Racist.

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