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    Basically, third year all girls house, my housemates all have a horrid habit of blowing up at me for every tiny thing I do wrong - many of these things aren't 'wrong' things, they're maybe mild annoyances? Or things that less sensitive people just let things slide. Nothing like leaving rubbish and shoes and stuff everywhere, or blocking the sink, or refusing to open any windows so mould grows (This is all their favourite things to do to annoy me, none of which I say because I don't really care, I just stay out of the house for as much time as possible now).

    For example: this entire morning was dedicated to me getting abusive texts calling me lazy (I'm out either at uni or training from 8-8pm most days, or at work), dirty (I'm basically never at home so don't have the chance to make mess, and I hate disorder and dirt so I have to tidy up, meanwhile they have a shrine to takeaway cartons in the kitchen. And the living room.), self centered (I mean I'm third year, on a sports team and have a part time job; I'm not self centered, I am just plain busy), after also blowing up at me for taking a shower at 7.30AM, closing my door (it sticks so needs some force), and opening my drawers (which clatter because they are wonky) before my 9AM lecture. "Who the **** is ****ing banging and crashing I'm ****ing sleeping who the **** do you think you are" et cetera. I guess I'd've been more chill if I hadn't gotten 2 hours sleep thanks to the piglet-like squealing they were doing late last night, so I was kind of like me? I am showering because I have a 9am? hygiene is important. And then they were rude back to me, for pretty much the whole morning. I got upset because they said some nasty things, did a bit of crying, and my friends told me my housemates were obviously pretty foul, and it's best to try and move on.

    So I decided today that if they can't be more chill about the little things, then neither can I, and I want to move out. Not prepared to spend this year, where it's important to be good to yourself and work hard, walking on eggshells. Spoke to my landlord, he's an easygoing guy and said sure thing, find a replacement and you're good.

    But how should I tell them? Face to face, when I get home? Over text, where they hurled insults at me? Pretty tempted to just put a post on the "Find a housemate" FB page and let them find out that way. What's the best thing to do?

    Why don't you just find somewhere else to move?

    Just tell the b****** you're moving out, and it's their fault

    dont say anything until you've found a replacement and are leaving soon, it will only give them more ammunition and they will go all out/try and guilt you to stay

    Definitely wait until you have got somewhere else for sure.

    I'd be tempted to let them in on it as you sugegsted using FB but I am sure you are better than them and their pathetic messages.

    I cannot abide with filth - untidiness to a point yes okay - but not dirt. Honestly you sound like you have done well to have stuck it this long

    Get a replacement and just don't tell them.

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