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I am thinking about taking an intermission from my honours year as the workload for my dissertation is getting me too distressed but I am worried about my loan and tutition fees, or if it is just the wrong idea. can someone help?
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I'm sure you'd be able to take a year out, but I think you need a reason to really justify it, like a doctors note telling them that you're suffering from the stress and it's have a negative effect on your health. I wasn't well for practically all of first year and got some pretty bad grades because of it, at the time I never took time out which I regret so much now. I got halfway through my second year and it was still affecting my grades so I was allowed to take the year out and returned and finished the end of second year again.

With regards to your tuition fees theres not much to worry about, that's if you still have your plus 1 year from SAAS. when you return you just contact SAAS and tell them you were ill and have to repeat the year and they will cover your tuition fees. If you don't have the extra year of tuition fees then I'm afraid you'd probably need to pay the tuition fees yourself, or you could apply for another student loan and that would cover the fees.

In my opinion you yourself will know deep down what the right thing to do is, doing a dissertation is obviously going to be stressful, whether you are doing it now or after an intermission. I ended up taking a year out due to a chronic illness which I knew I wouldn't be able to shake off for the foreseeable future because I felt bad and it was the easy thing to do. I've returned and I've ended up not handing in assignments once again because of it, if I had just stayed instead of taking a year out then at least I'd be a year closer to graduating.

Maybe instead of taking time out you could go talk to a tutor or something and talk to them about it, they might even be able to give an extension for some of your work if you feel it's all too much at once.

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