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Hi guys!

I came here because i need some serious advice and reassurance...

I go to an all boys private school however i am looking to change sixth form next year to st-olaves...

Okay so i am in yr11 and have recently got very bad challenge grades (only 2 a*s) where as you need 5 to get into olaves.

This is because i didnt work hard in yr10 at all...i dont know why but im doing art gcse and i only have one finished portfolio despite me trying my best for art this yeat atm!!!

On top of that i have multiple controlled assesments to do and revise which is difficult on top of art because i stay after school alot when i can but this makes sacrifices to my other subjects. Subjects such as art, english, history and chemistry are the most hi maintenance atm.

ANywho i should have started revising for my mocks for january however i cant even deal with the usual amount of work at the moment...

Also some days i am a lazy sod and i get in from school exhausted but do no work the whole night.

Anyway guys i really need some advice on

a) how to deal with the workload and art
b) how to focus in lessons and not have good and bad learning days
c) how i can stop my procastinating and start going to bed at 10 each night and doing some reading instead of going on my phone
d) how i can get 5 a* at this late stage still
e) how i can do these 4 things consistently instead of making it a one off routine for a day and then returning to normal

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The only advice I can give you in terms of art is to find something quite straightforward to do that's quick. I learned I couldn't paint or draw to a GCSE-level ability very early on so I decided to specialise in paper. This meant I just printed out artists' work, used masking tape to stick it to a bit of thin card/watercolour paper and just cut out the gaps so my card matched theirs. It took me about 2-3 hours to do a really high-quality A4 page that could go on my display board, along with some smaller ones that took about 20-30mins each.
I did a 4 page study into Peter Callesen's work (bio on 1 page, photos on the next two with analysis of his techniques and a final page with a copy of his work) and chose the most basic paper cut-out possible- there's one of a man hanging on to himself that's really simple and effective!
Do pages on colour studies so see what works with what, what is visually appealing and what creates what mood.
I don't know what your speciality is or if you need to do final pieces, but paper is a really good way of filling pages quickly with work that looks pretty good.

I can only really give you advice on the Art as I still don't do b, c or e...

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