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I have a Samsung S4 Mini and I've had it for about a year and I've never had any mojor problems. I have no idea how phone or hacks/malware works so if you do know and you read this you might find some of what I say a bit funny.

Today at lunch time while I was on the internet scrolling down an article, I noticed my phone kept on rapidly scrolling up or down and it did it when I wasn't even touching it as well. I thought it was weird but I'd earlier spilt a bit of water on it although I'd wiped it off and let it dry, but I put it down to that since sometimes when the screens damp or something like that it's difficult to use the touch screen.

However, later on in the evening I searched for something on google on my phone and I couldn't even type what I needed because random words were appearing in the search bar and the page was loading before I pressed enter. This happened a few times as I was trying so I just cancelled everything and looked at the main home screen. Then, by itself, my phone opened my inbox and then opened a random text message. Then some of the settings on the top drop down menu on the phone were changing (I mean, where you can have quick access to everything - wifi, data, sound, flight mode, etc).

Basically, my phone had a mind of its own, and even when I tried using it was like I couldn't controll it.

So, I either think I was hacked by a person, or it was malware, or maybe it was a really really weird phone malfunction. What do you think?

I will say, I was really worried as I expect the worst so thought it would have been a hacker or malware and I didn't want to do nothing because then I thought it will continue and access my information (or more if it had already). I took out the battery and sim card (don't know if that helps?) while I did a brief search online (on my laptop). Nothing majorly informing came up so I just did a factory reset on my phone which has wiped everything. (I am a bit sad about that mainly because I've lost all my photos but I thought security and having a phone that actually works is more important. Moreover, I'm on a placement in France at the moment, so I can't even go to the shop where I got my phone from etc)

It seems to be working ok now but I'm a bit wary which is why I want to see what you think.

By the way, I have not recently downloaded any new apps or anything! Nothing suspicious has happened. I use the internet often on my phone but it's nothing 'dogey' - just usually facebook, google search, online articles, etc.

Sorry I wrote so much, once I start telling a story I can't stop and I go into a lot of detail!

If you have any advice around this issue too please let me know! Thanks!
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(Original post by Rossagle)
To me, this sounds like typical behaviour for when the touch-sensitive part of a phone gets water on it. The screen is picking up phantom touches and so behaves as if someone else were controlling it.

I think you will be fine, but the factory reset is a good precaution.

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