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I don't know how to explain this, but i started uni this year in October, i went out during freshers week met a group of people everything was going well, i met up with then after freshers week, went out a couple times with them, but then slowly, one after the other they just stopped talking to me, and if i don't start texting or talking they won't bother.
I live off campus and none of them are on my course so our timetables clashed, so i rarely saw them at uni, maybe a few times a month. Then i noticed on facebook they started going out to clubs together and not inviting me, the first month they would go out and invite me and i would go but now they didn't even invite me. They even prank called me afterwards.
I talk to people on my course but i don't feel like i made friends, just acquaintances.
I recently joined a society but hardly anybody goes to it and, again, i don't know them enough to call them friends, i only seem them once or twice a week.
I just feel like crying. I have no motivation to do any work or get out of bed somedays. i haven't left my house in 5 days.
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It can be hard to find the motivation when things seem to be going badly but things aren't going to get better if you don't get out there and at least try. I had a week recently where I felt terrible and could barely make it out of bed and it can become an endless cycle. You don't do anything but lay in bed feeling crappy which makes getting out and facing the world even harder. But eventually I just forced myself to get out and carry on with life. Everything probably won't magically become perfect but leaving the house can really help you feel better even if you just go for a walk. & that improved mindset will put you in a much better place to try and make a long term difference.

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