Possible decent job to get after finishing undergrad? Watch

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Hi everyone. I am currently studying Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University in Canada. I am in my undergraduate level.

Unfortunately the most common recommended plan I can do is go to med school/grad school. That might be a great recommendation, but I do not want to be a doctor.
I only study cell biology because I like it for my own curiosity, but I don't plan to become a doctor when I am older.

So in terms of finding a job, I have no idea what to go for. :confused::confused::confused::confused:

I don't know if I want to continue my studies in biology, maybe I might switch to something else (who knows though??).

Anyways for now I am planning to search for decent yet enjoyable jobs for after I finish my undergrad. What do you suggest?

If you'd like to know a but about what I might be interested in, I'd be happy to share that if needed. I just can't think of anything now. :ashamed2::ashamed2::ashamed2:

Thanks so much!

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