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Hi there! I'm very new to the prospect of being a teacher and i'm still gathering all the facts and getting a feel for it, so i was looking for beginners tips in terms of what will boost my application over the next few months so i can get planning and what exactly should I expect in terms of exams, interviews, rejections and demands on my time. Im guessing this isnt as straight forward as the education website implies...

Currently i'm arranging work experience and pulling together references which can support my application but exactly what type of experience are they looking for? And what sort of things do i need to be confident/educated about and where can i find that sort of info? Ive bought a few books on it but should i be following any government news sites etc and researching the education industry as a whole rather then just teaching in senior schools?

Im pulling together the best of my art work to demonstrate my drawing and painting ability, (im a photorealist and portrait artist) but what other skills would they like to see? Sculpture, printing etc? My degree is in video art so i could include something like that i guess? Ive done all these things and its not a problem to make more but they're not my specialism so i dont have recent work and they will take time to get right... Is it worth my time doing though or is teaching experience more valuable?

I teach art online to both adults and children via a website, which is where my passion for teaching stems from, but is there anyway i can involve this into my application as a reference or demonstration of experience and successful teaching?

Also i heard there are group interviews which involve talking to groups of people 40+ can anyone tell me more about that and what the interviews are like because i prefer to prepare. What questions do they ask? Im not a nervous public speaker but i like to have an idea of what i need to do before it gets dropped on my lap as im a bit of an introvert and i need to get my sociable hat on.

And are there any pitfalls or things i shouldn't do or say, or waste my time on?

Currently im applying for 2 Uni-led PGCEs and one school led. I think i would prefer the school led process as id actually just like to get in there and start getting involved if you know what i mean? I have some good contacts who might be able to help me out too in terms of experience and networking but will this make any difference to my application?

The skills test- is it normal for it to be SO fully booked? And how long did it take people to prepare for? Ive looked at the test papers and i think ill need a little refreshing but most of it seemed straight forward.

Oh, and hello fellow Art & Design teacher wannabe's

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