I want to drop out of university and re apply next year. What do I do? Watch

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I'm currently in my first year of university studying psychology, i started in september 2014.
I have now realise that this isnt what to do and I want to apply to do Graphic Design at a different university in september 2015.

Would the best option be to drop out now and re apply through ucas now or should I finish my first year and apply through ucas as well as still being here (if thats allowed)?

Also how would student finance work? What loans would I receive from them if I were to re apply and start a new course next year/would I get any money at all?

Basically what would be the best option for me to do in terms of ucas/student finance? Leave now or finish the year?
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Hi, don't know if this will be any help to you but I also started uni this September 2014 and left about a month in as like you I realised I chose the wrong course. Have you spoken to your personal tutor? And I also spoke to the uni's counsellor and financial adviser and she told me what to do in terms of finance. Some people would say that wait until the year but I left without being charge by the uni as I left 4 weeks in.

Regarding student finance, please know that I'm not an expert or anything lol, but everyone gets four years of finance, but as you and I spent one already, if you drop out now, you're only guaranteed three years (I think they give an extra year as there are lots of people who drop out and reapply again). You'll then need to fill in a Change of Circumstances form and send it to Student Finance who'll then update your account. Right now, mine's like on 'pause' and when student finance opens again this January I can then reapply for my new course.

Hopefully that was kinda helpful and let me know if you have questions I'll try to answer them (I know how you feel, I was so clueless when I wanted to drop out and so glad I did I can't wait to go back to uni though) Anyway good luck to you in whatever decision you make

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