A2 Lit/Lang Commentary Ideas and things i can add!

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I developed Ben Gunn's character from Treasure Island into a newspaper article, let me know what you think? How i can change it? Commentary ideas? Thanks!

Here is my piece so far:


After what seemed a long, but lucrative stretch of time, missing former buccaneer Ben Gunn has returned alive and well from Isla de Muerta alongside Dr Lively and his crew, to our delight. Gunn had been reported missing for over three years, Some may question how past ones prime, a single man can sustain oneself on such a colossal, perilous island tenanted by cut-throat pirates, being only equipped with a pick axe.

The Island lies in a treacherous passage between Dominica and St Lucia, a remote location with dangerous characteristics. It is said that the island originally formed after ancient volcanic activity, and was uninhabited for thousands of years. It then began to serve as a chief stronghold of adventurers and escaped slaves who preyed on treasure ships passing through the Caribbean seas. The Isla de Muerta then became a prime destination for pirates such as Long John Silver and Captain Flint himself. Flint was the original burier of the treasure Gunn set out to search for prior to getting left stranded. They say that the sun at mid-day is so powerful it burns like hot coals, the island is swarming with forbidding wildlife and personally this isn't a situation I would like to find myself in - What about you?

Gunn originally set sail with Captain Long John Silver in 1783 hoping to return wealthy and worriless. The crew went on a voyage in search of the treasure that was buried back in 1757, with Gunn eager to leave behind his beseeching, begging habits. He had enrolled himself into Silvers crew, adamant that he had precise knowledge on the location that the treasure was entombed. This initial visit was however fruitless and because of this, he was deserted, left stranded by himself on an island callous pirates linger like the smell of stagnant water and where the prospect of food is highly doubtful.

Gunn surprisingly used his limited equipment and self-reliance incredibly, living off scarce natural resources on the Island. A daily consumption of food would include Acai Berries (sometimes toxic), preserved goat meat and oysters individually sundered from the many rugged rocks the island had. . It took him over four strenuous months to catch his first goat, which he didn't know how to cut, cook or preserve. Gunn eventually mastered these skills by using something he had actually had plenty of... time. Gunn is apparently still suffering from dysentery because of the strange diet and poor sanitation he endured for such a long period. Due to this solitude it is also apparent that Gunn has become little deranged, but however is recovering with weekly help from a psychiatrist.

Due to such blistering temperatures at day but however numbing cold at night, Gunn slowly developed a cave-home for him to hideout in, this apparently wasn't very well developed or made of much however he wasn't used to having much as it was therefore it was easily bearable. The cave was home to his only company on the island for three years, his pet lizard 'Annabelle' who he says he misses.

Strangely, Gunns brother (his only family member left) wasn’t too delighted after hearing the news of his brother’s unlikely return. The reason as to why isn't clear however locals did mention that Gunn relied heavily on his brother in order to maintain his alcohol and gambling addictions. Ben actually wasn't very popular with the local people, who saw him as always causing uproars and consistently smelling of two vile things; tar and rum. He had always been a lover of his drink - mead, brandy, red wine, rum, you name it - he would drink it. Because of this, Gunn rarely had enough money to look after himself and therefore copiously resulted in relying on others to help him. However, you would think this would have all changed.

The treasure hidden on Isla de Muerta was divided between the members of Lively's crew, including Gunn himself. He has received one thousand shillings due to his vital help in locating the loot. Many question if Gunn is the right person to possess large amounts of money (larger than he ever has before) because of his addictions prior to getting left on the island. He has only been back for two days and is already back to his old ways of binge drinking and gambling, we can see his wealth decreasing very quickly.

Oh well, it's a pirates life for Gunn.

Any ideas? Thanks
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