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    What is the foundation year like?

    What are you taught?

    How intense is the math aspect of the course?

    I wouldn't recommend it personally.

    I've had real issues with the way the syllabus is taught. We've had a lot of situations where we are being tested on something and told that we haven't been taught it yet. And those marks are used as part of our final grade. I get the feeling as the school of bio sciences is a new one they really haven't thought about a practical way to make it passable. It's a lot of work, and if you don't understand an aspect of something you'll find it difficult to receive any help unless it's from your peers.

    That said, if you're the sort of person who learns independently and has already got an A level in Biology and Chemistry but at a lower grade then you want to get onto a degree then it'll be a long but easy slog through the year for you. Almost every lecture I've had the words "You'll all know this from your A levels" said to me, so if you're an adult learner or studied unrelated A levels you'll be out of luck. If you only want to attend Cardiff Met and no other university but your grades aren't quite up to par then this course is ideal.

    You are taught A level biology, chemistry (with a smattering of physics thrown in) and key skills. The maths sits somewhere around GCSE level. The rest of your key skills is learning about study skills and learning styles, and you are tested on all aspects of it.

    I have so far had a very negative experience with my foundation year leading to health sciences. It is billed as a course for people to ease themselves into a university education if they have been out of schooling for years, or as a course for those who didn't quite get the results they wanted at A level. The first part is completely false, but as a way to access the university if you missed out on the grades you want it is an excellent course.

    I would definitely seek opinions of people who have finished the course though. I'm yet to receive any graded work back, so for all I know I could be passing with flying colours even with all my problems.

    Quick shout out to Paul Foley and Rowena Jenkins though. They are 2 excellent lecturers, and are the only 2 who seem at all able to understand this level of education.

    Hey I have been offered a conditional offer to study human nutrition and dietetics at Cardiff met 2015/2016, but i have applied for the foundation to health sciences course as a backup plan just in case i don't get the grades im expecting... as a way get my foot in the door at the university in the hope of moving onto the degree programme the following year- as I am set on Cardiff met! Anyway fingers crossed i get the grades and don't need to, but anyone doing an Access to Science course at the moment will know how hard this can be. Does anyone know when they are likely to get back to you on UCAS in regards to this foundation course? I am hoping soon so that i can put it as my 2nd choice and accept my offers

    I've received an unconditional offer for both Foundation leading to health sciences and Biomedical Science with foundation year. I should start whichever I choose in September. The reason I applied for these courses was because I haven't been in study since 2012; so thought this particular route would ease me in despite having enough UCAS points in relevant subjects (such as Biology and Chem) to progress straight to the BSc Hons degree course.
    I have a few questions for you jadedbeard... how many hours are you in uni for each work? i.e. timetable?? And also what is the workload like?
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