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    Hi guys,
    I've recently been offered a conditional offer subject to satisfactory references, crb check etc.

    I had given my most recent employer where I am still working and another at a job I did a few years ago and those were checked.

    However, I've received an email back and the HR want to obtain futher references, she wants detailed references covering the last 3 years of employment.

    I have been employed at my current job for just over 2 years and before that I was unemployed and before that I had another job for a while but was fired.

    I'm so stuck because I don't know what to do and really need this new job.

    What do they mean by detailed references? Do they mean more about my character etc? Because my current job only does these thru HR.

    Also, I don't think I could ask for a detailed reference from my line manager because I think it would spook her that I'm looking for another job and may judge me because of it and also she might just end up saying ask HR.

    Where do I get a reference if I was unemployed before this and fired from my job before that? Should I give the HR details for that one?

    Help please!

    Why don't you phone the HR team and ask them to clarify what sort of a reference they want, I am sure they will be happy to explain. Seems like you're under the impression that your potential employer is going to be hostile towards you. Don't think that, they obviously like you otherwise they wouldn't be offering you a job.

    They most likely want an employer’s reference, although they may also want a character reference which doesn't necessarily have to be from an employer - this could be just from someone of good standing from outside your family who knows you well.

    If you went to uni you might be able to put your personal tutor down - that would probably be the best substitute if you have less than 3 years employment history.

    But the best thing to do would be to ask them what they want, then you have a much better chance of giving them it. It is also not a bad idea to inform the people you put down as references that they might be getting a call - so it’s not just out of the blue. They might not even contact them; sometimes references are just a formality.
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    (Original post by S1x)
    It's not up to you to arrange what the content of a reference is, it is up to the new employer to write/email/phone the previous employer and ask the questions they want to ask. The previous employer may not wish to answer them for technical reasons (company policy, didn't know you that well, different people in post now etc). In which case, the new employer is skating on very, very thin ice in not continuing with their job offer, unless they can cite a national security type reason.

    All you have to do is provide evidence of your activity for the last 3 years and contact details. So you almost certainly will have to give details of the organisation you were fired from, and you will need to ask what evidence they want of your unemployment. For a job in education, who often ask for a comprehensive history for safe-guarding purposes, they will be able to make suggestions about evidence and informal references they might accept.

    Have a discussion with the new employer about exactly what they will accept, before you go around trying to dig up old contacts. Generally though, places that require DBS checks are having to get more and more thorough about the checking they do on references.
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