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    Hello, I’m planning on travelling around Canada and the U.S. and then probably down to Mexico and South America in Spring 2015. I’m going to be travelling on my own and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to meet people out there at hostels to do things with.

    I’ve never travelled anywhere on my own before so I’m wondering how realistic this is? As in, in hostels how easy is it to find other lone travellers or groups who would be willing to have an extra member (me)? I’m pretty easy on what I do, it’s just that experiences are normally better if they’re shared!

    Also, if anyone else on here has similar plans it would be cool to hear about them!

    hey there! I'm going to assume you live in europe right now. I'm a canadian citizen, living in the US, so i know a bit about both. I don't think hitchhiking in the US is a good idea, I've only come across one hostel before (in boston) and i've been to almost all the states. I suppose you could stay at hotels, but that would be extremely expensive. (fun fact: some hotels will allow you to stay for free if you have something to offer; ex: if you have a blog with thousands of viewers, and you promise to write a positive review of their hotel) Again, this is just my experience, I haven't done any research. Are you planning to buy a car? unless you're in a big city, you would definitely need one. I live in an upper-middle class town, and there really is no other way to get around. If i were you, I would pick out certain locations you're interested in, a few big cities, a few mountain regions, a few coastal towns. I'm going to assume there will be hostels in places like LA and san francisco too, since those locations are prone to tourists/travelers.There really is no point in going to every state, many of them are very homogeneous.
    Canada is lovely, Quebec is probably my favorite city.
    Exploring mexico would be interesting. I've been there a few times, and it's beautiful. I'm pretty sure they have cheaper accommodations too.
    There are a lot of travel-bloggers out there, i'm sure they have interesting stories and advice for you!
    I'm thinking about taking a gap year, and traveling to europe and asia
    best of luck to you sir!

    if youve never been abroad before i see little chance of this being realistic honestly, you need to go abroad first to somewhere in europe and get a feel for it, its harder than youd think!


    Here is 2p worth of advice.

    Firstly, how easy is it to find fellow backpackers in hostels and join them? Easy, just ask them, befriend them and you are good to go. Just like making friends at school, or asking a girl out on a date. You just have to ask.
    However the beauty of backpackers, we are all alike, and it is highly unlikely some one will say no, unless their a couple who prefer a bit privacy. That answers your question.

    Now for a bit of advice -

    I'm guessing with you major plans you have just made, you have a lot of money saved up? Canada & America are expensive to travel. Distances are great, so unless you have lots of time, you can grab a cheaper bus for 40 hours or a pricey flight for 2 hours of travel time.

    This is my formula - 1 week in Canada,America, UK, western Europe = 3 - 4 weeks in SE.Asia, S.America + Africa. - It's not accurate, but you get the picture.

    I have never been to North America, but from what I hear, it's great laugh. You will have an awesome time. However, those countries you can do anytime in your life, now or even when you're old and grey. Their easy to get around in, lodgings are comfortable, food is abundant.
    With S.America and Asia, you need to be young, full of energy and prepare to be an expert in charades.

    Maybe do the North when you have money, you can afford a car, you have a group of friends and road trip it - North to South, east to west and spend a good 6 months just driving it. Maybe even get a camper van and sleep on the road?

    Here are some website to make it easier -
    Coushsurfing.org - I;m sure you've heard of it, if not, you sleep in someone else home, usually free. They show you around from a locals perspective and you get to meet new people.
    Workaway.org - volunteer for food and accommodation. This will help you meet the locals, and make your money last longer. Visit for an idea.

    Happy travels.

    The other option is, start on an adventure group tour of a particular country. Meet the group and then head off together with some of them. i.e G Adventure, Free and Easy Traveller, Hitchhike The Globe

    Hi there! It sounds like you want to backpack across North America and unfortunately nobody does that. Hostels don't really exist in North America, and the few that do most likely charge a lot more per night than the ones in Europe. Hostels.com lists a few in North America, but I have lived here all my life and never actually seen one. To get between cities you will probably have to take use a bus line such as Greyhound as air and rail costs a lot more here than in Europe as well. Car rental tends to be affordable though. There are also bus tours for young people you could take advantage of for sightseeing and to get across the country (topdeck or contiki tours for example). This way you will also meet up with other solo travelers.

    Basically, travel in North America can be expensive for foreigners. I'm not saying don't come here as there are a lot of great things to do here but your best bet would be to try to find other travelers to go with or have a structured plan before you leave for your trip.
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