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    Hey, so I've applied for a fashion design degree and I've started getting offers to interviews, exciting and terrifying! I was just wondering if anyone know what sort of questions will be asked in the interview, important things to include in the portfolio and I'm also unsure as to what size my portfolio should be, there is no preference on the Universities' guidelines. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

    Hey, just giving this thread a bump :bump: Are you sure you’ve posted in the right place? Posting in the specific university or course forum should help you get more responses. :yy:

    If you haven’t already found it, then university connect is a really useful way for finding people at your course/university! You can also find a list of applicant threads and courses here.

    Hey! I've applied for fashion design and had 2 interviews and one conditional and one unconditional offer so far! and 3 more interviews to go.

    They mostly ask you questions about your portfolio, or simply just ask you to talk through each other the pieces in your portfolio - remember the interviewer wants to hear you talk more than him or herself!

    Then the usual questions revolve around these few:
    - Why do you want to study at _______ University (they ask this almost every time)
    make sure you've read up on that specific universities course, look for things which stand out that you really like about the course. It's also nice to mention you like the location of the university.
    - Who or what inspires you
    Try to make sure not all your inspirations are fashion designers, because interviewers tend to think of this as quite shallow. They like it when students are aware of social and culture ideals or inspired by something a little deeper than what another designer has created BUT at the same time, also let them know you are aware of the industry.
    - What are your strengths
    Don't try and plan to much with this answer, just be honest and let them know what you feel you could offer
    - What are your weaknesses
    Be careful with this one. Don't just tell them your weakness (e.g I leave work until the last minute) and leave it at that. Make sure you let them know that you understand that it does not benefit you and you will try and improve. (e.g I tend to leave some of my work until the last minute, but i realise that by doing this my work doesn't come out as great as it can do and am therefore limiting my ability and what i can create, and it's a weakness i'm trying my best to change!)

    Then there are the super random questions that you can't prepare for! For example i got:
    - what ticks you off
    - what's your favourite resturant
    - what makes you different to your friends
    So just go with the flow with these ones!

    As for portfolio requirements they normally give some tips on the courses page on the website so your best bet is to check it out! but one thing i've noticed from fashion design interviews is that they are very interested in work which doesn't involve around fashion design.

    They also LOVE independent work and projects - because it shows that you have the motivation and initiative to research and develop pieces outside of you educational institution, college, sixth form or whatever else, which is pretty much what uni is all about, independent study.

    Some tips to include in your portfolio:
    - Observational drawing
    - Research and development
    - Primary research
    - Final pieces
    - Current project unfinished work
    - Sketchbooks

    Also make sure your portfolio is NEAT and TIDY, in an order that makes sense e.g my portfolio has observational and life drawings to start, then my current A2 project work, then AS project work and then independent study work.
    And don't include work from years ago unless it's THAT good, because they want to see what your skill level is atm.

    But most importantly be relaxed and have fun, remember that they are looking for POTENTIAL , not someone who can do all already.
    I'm an art & design student (along with economics and business.) I did fashion BTEC at highschool but am mostly art based. Even after being advised to do a foundation diploma i decided i want to go straight from A levels, and already have 2 offers, one being unconditional and interview requests from all my other options. So don't be afraid to take charge in the interview!
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    Ah thank you so much this really helped I've had 2 offers so far and 3 interviews lined up thank you so much!

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