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Hey guys,

I've just completed a BA in Business Management and Finance (I graduated in August 2014) at quite a poor university (60th in the uk rankings!), I applied (like many people here) through clearing

I only managed to achieve 3 B's at A level in Biology, Chemistry and Sociology (I missed the requirement by 1 grade at my chosen university, hence why I ended up at a polytechnic)

I achieved a 1st in my degree with the hope of doing a masters at an established university. I realised during my time at university that it was the Finance (Corporate) aspect that i enjoyed the most and which i achieved my highest mark in (around 80%)

Now the time has come for me to start finalising my choices and courses (for start in 2015). However, my confidence has been knocked slightly after looking at the mathematical requirements of some (E.g. LSE, which require some maths at A Level)

My top choices would be Durham (Finance & Investment), Leeds Uni (Finance & Investment), Cass (Investment Management), Nottingham (Finance & Investment), LSE (Finance), Warwick (Finance).. In no particular order (Although my ideal would be LSE/Durham/Cass/Leeds.

This year I plan to fill with internships/work experience in a range of fields. Currently I'm interning in London at tech start-ups (Including a startup investment company) but I will go back to managing the family business, and perhaps come back to intern some more.

I would just find any advice, suggestions or comments very useful with regards to my chances of getting into an established uni, competition and the mathematics aspect which is worrying me.

Cheers guys
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With excellent grades (1st class honors), and relevant work experience, I think you do have a shot even at places like LSE. I doubt that they auto reject people who didn't go to a prestigious university for undergrad. I am not sure if they require GMAT for admission to MSc Finance, but if they do, it is another opportunity for you to compensate and stand out. Furthermore, try getting some recognized brands on your resume, e.g. IBs, consulting firms, etc. If that seems unlikely in your current situation, go for the small boutique banks that do high calibre stuff like M&As or trading or whatever. Go for it even if it is unpaid. And obviously make sure that your recommendation letters are top notch. If all other parts of your application are up to the standard, then not-so-respected undergrad should not hinder you. Good luck!

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