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hi, i took history a level with edexcel and at AS i received an A but at A2 i did poorly. now, at A2 i did coursework on gorbachev significance and the 100 years on russia which was from serfdom to the fall of the USSR. the exam i did was on germany from kaiser to fuhrer. i want to retake A2 and will do so with the national extension college as they can mark my coursework aswell. Their A2 history is with edexcel but is not what i did in my second year. They instead do a different coursework topic and exam topic which if i recall is on britain. The course i think is 9H101 which was what i did for my alevel.

My question is this: if i did the exam and coursework for the topics which i will study with NEC will it not count ? would i have to do the exact same topics i did in year 13 or will a different topic be fine as long as its the same specification and exam board ? i hope that the NEC A2 topics will basically let me do the exams and then the results would cancel out what i got in year 13 and combine with the A i have from AS to give me a full a level.
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Hi there,

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