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feeling very low, angry, upset at uni.... watch

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    started uni in september and it was a great start, met loads of people, my social life rocketed and it was awesome. Things started to settle down and it was ok after that. Didn't reallly miss home that much.

    Recently, i'd say from mid october, my motivation for my course medicine has been low, i'm not enjoying it as much as i thought i would and i greatly miss home now. I can't wait to go home and relax and see friends and family.

    I get periods where my mood is low and i feel upset, almost crying and i also get angry too because my love life is still a fail.

    i'm not experienced with mental health, i don't know much about it and what i'm experiencing now is new and i don't know how to handle it. What makes my mood better is social interaction.

    i'm thinking i might tell my personal advisor but it's almost te end of term as i finish next week and is it worth seeing a GP?

    i hate the fact that i can't control my negative thoughts and emotions.
    i have friends at uni but i just want to go home.
    i've also lacked motivation to get serious into my clubs and socs i've joined

    You should talk about it, you're doing a medicine course and whatever you're gonna do with a medicine degree requires social skills full stop.

    Definitely go to your GP and personal tutor/advisor.

    Your GP may be able to put you through to services that can help you. I don't know how old you are but when I started Uni my depression hit rock bottom. I hated the course, hated Uni and stopped going out/doing sports clubs. I was put through to a service called Early Intervention and it was ace. They can do everything from just having counselling to seeing a phycologist to getting a prescription for anti-depressants. They were really good at teaching me ways to deal with my depression so I'm now really independant about it. I honestly didn't think life would get better but I've never been more confident in myself. They won't just stick you on drugs (like everyone thinks GP's do) they will try lots of over options before considering them. I think most places in the UK have this kind of service so you should ask about it.

    Also tell you advisor because they'll be able to offer you some guidance. I think uni's have to offer counseling etc. Trust me it really helps even if it's just to go and rant for an hour it will help. They can also offer you guidance on your course and extending deadlines for coursework and extra time for exams if you need it. Doesn't matter that it's near end of term as soon as possible is best.

    Medicine is a tough course so I'd get as much help now before it becomes a super big problem. I just tried to ignore it all but I crashed and burned and luckily my Uni was really great and helped me out alot. Everything you say sounds like depression which is nothing to worry about because it's more common than dandruff lol!

    Hope that helped (sorry I went on a bit lol) If you want more advice/talk about it feel free to Pm me

    Hope it get's sorted for you.

    It is a long term, you are doing a difficult course and its dark at this time of year.
    Maybe you are getting a bit sleep deprived (medicine is very 9-5 am I right and that's before revision/homework etc!) - with all the partying of Freshers maybe you are getting run down. Are you getting fresh air/eating healthily?

    Or perhaps you do have depression. In which case help exists from the sources that people have mentioned above.
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