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Why can't I control myself? Help me pls watch

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    So there is a girl who I am friends with. But I like her more than this but we are not together or anything.

    In uni, we usually always stay together.

    And today she messaged me and said, "I will go to see my other guy friend."

    And I got really jealous :/

    I said "but you went to see him on Tuesday"

    Then she said: "so what? don't be jealous."

    And then I said something else..

    And then she said "I can't always stay with u ini?"

    I just said "Yh ok".

    Now before you all gave a go at me..

    I know I am really attached to this girl, and maybe clingy at times. But I get jealous so easily when she is talking to other guys. I just can't stop myself.

    We were really close friends, until this other guy start talking to her and now she is close with him too and I hate it and I am jealous.

    It's like her is stealing my friend :O. I sound like a 5yr old kid don't I?

    But yeah, this is a problem. I feel like I am not that important to her anymore. She is frequently talking to her other guy friends now and I feel left out :/

    It really upsets me

    I'm not a bad guy but I just feel so jealousy and upset :/

    Any advice?

    (Original post by believeteam22)

    Any advice?
    Yes, and its really simple.

    You are in the friendzone right now. Its only a matter of time before she is getting banged by someone, if not already, maybe (actually most probably) even by this guy she is seeing. Anyway if you are ever going to get out of it, you need to make your intentions clear, ask her out on a date (not as friends), meet her, make a move, get physical, show that you want her to be more than friends.

    Unfortunately its most likely she will not return the feeling, as you have left it so late, but its your only choice, unless you want to hear her sex stories. If she does feel the same then you are on the path to glory, if she doesnt, well then you cut all contact and find another girl.

    Oh and the most important thing? Learn from this mistake, if you like a girl then do not become her best buddy, you need to move fast.
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    Find yourself a girl who gives a **** :dontknow:
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