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Feeling for best friend (who is same sex??) watch

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    So basically I have been best friends with this girl for about a year now she's so great we are so much alike and have a lot in common, we practically do everything together everyday.

    The thing is over the past few weeks I've been getting feelings for her in a romantic/sexual way and now I can't stop thinking about her in this way... also I've never told anyone that I'm attracted to girls (everyone thinks I'm straight) I'm scared about this fact coming from a very strict catholic family

    She has (only when drunk) kissed me and held my hand and said things like she loves me and stuff. I know this is probably just alcohol but I don't know what to do sometimes I think she's giving me signals to do something about it but I'm scared to say anything because I'm probably just delusional or it's just a phase? and I don't want to ruin our amazing friendship

    Anyone know what they'd do if they were in my position?
    Really confused right now any advice would help thanks
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    1. Catholicism has nothing against homosexuality at all, it's the most accepting branch of Christianity (believe it or not), so if your parents are using that as an excuse to make you think it's evil to have feelings toward someone of the same gender they aren't Catholic :P

    2. Ask her, when neither of you are drunk, about what has happened between you - was it just alcohol? If it was, laugh it off and move on.

    My opinion is that if she's a good friend and it turns out this is only drunken nothingness, you'll both laugh it off together so long as you tread lightly and don't push the matter, go with what the answer she gives is (no "really" or "are you sure" sort of thing).

    I had the same situation 2 years ago, I developed feelings for my best friend, who was also a girl. It was a very confusing time, but I just remembered thinking about her all of the time, and then one night she lay down next to me and we started kissing, and then I knew for sure I really really liked her, It felt right. I told her how I felt, I did get knocked back initially but that same day she came around, and we have been together for two years now
    Sometimes in life you have to just go for it, if you dont tell someone how you feel its a wasted opportunity in my opinion, sounds like she likes you, so just keep going with the flow and see how things progress and hopefully it all works out for you, good luck
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