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    If two people with depression and severe anxiety had a relationship?

    What do you think would be the bad points about you both struggling with the same things whilst being in a relationship together?

    Could anyone help me out?
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    I think this is quite a bad idea as usually one is suffering a bit more than the other and it doesn't really seem to pull you both up, you just wallow in depression together
    You need someone who won't add to your problems and who can help support you
    This is speaking from my own personal experience of two relationships gone sour because of this

    Misery loves company the last time I checked.

    My best friend actually met her fiancé in a psychiatric ward and they are very much in love and help each other loads. It can work

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    It's probably not the worst idea.

    I found when dating a girl who developed depression there was no way we could engage as I couldn't understand her experiences. She ended up turning to other people who apparently could and we broke up because I had nothing to offer her. I think if I'd been diagnosed as equally depressed and keen on miserable, tumblr-style quotes we probably could've made it.

    Of course, perhaps she was just depressed because of our relationship... but even that could've been helped if we were already both at rock-bottom upon meeting!

    I'm in a relationship, and my depression and severe anxiety came out during the first four months of it. It's amazing to have someone to talk to and understand what you're going through while no-one else understands.

    This relationship has now lasted just over two years!

    However, I have a friend with depression, and his girlfriend at the time was constantly moaning about how she couldn't be bothered with his behaviour, and so he ended it eventually.

    Who better to be miserable with than someone else who is miserable..? At least they'll be able to empathize with you.
    I can't imagine they'd have much fun in the relationship though...
    I once dated a guy with severe depression and found it incredibly difficult, probably because I haven't experienced much of it myself, so maybe it could help.
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