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I need to let this out so I can clear my head... watch

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    I'm in my third year in uni, studying Architecture, so times are pretty stressful at the minute and I'm actually not doing too well with my work unlike previous years, but that's beside from my point.

    When I first started university I had a girlfriend but it quickly broke down due to us not being able to see each other enough and we split around halfway through the year. Towards the end of the first year I started to 'notice' a girl in my design studio that had previously started conversations with me. You could say at this point that I 'fancied her'. I spoke to her a little online over summer, shes an international student from Norway you see.

    In second year we ended up in the same design studio again which was great and I got to talk to her a lot more as I was sure I was interested in her. As I have rather low self esteem I was not quick to make a move and even passed up on an opportunity to spend an evening with her on fireworks night; purely because I was nervous. We went on a field trip to Rome before Christmas and I got to spend a lot of time with just her; here I realised just how much I care for her and I confided in a few friends about how I felt. When we returned there was a winter ball and I decided it was time to do something about it. This didn't go to plan, I found out early that night, from a mutual friend, that she was seeing someone and thought I might of been interested in her but didn't know how to tell me.

    I was pretty bummed but I continued to talk to her and treat her as I always had for the rest of second year. Now in third year, I am told that she is no longer seeing this guy and I still have feelings for her. I have been talking to her more and trying to spend as much time around university with her as I can.

    However my nerves are still getting the better of me; I am constantly asking myself, what if she just see's me as a friend, what if shes actually not single, what if I'm not attractive enough. I see other guys flirting with her and I must admit it does annoy me because I wish I was that confident myself. Throughout the entire time I've known her I've somehow not managed to get her number either, probably cause I've placed so much extra importance on it.

    I asked her (on Facebook... yes I know) if she wanted to go to the pub in the evening, she seemed really keen but was genuinely busy, I asked if she wanted to go another time and she said yes! However this was two weeks ago now and I haven't found the courage or the right time to ask her again.

    She even came to my flat a few days after this to pick up some casting plaster I ordered with her, she stayed and talked for a while, said she really liked my place and that. It was a prime opportunity to remind her about the drink but I passed up on it. Again.

    I can't get past it either, her personality is so infectious to me and even having a quick passing chat with her in the hall makes me smile from ear to ear. Time is passing though and it's already been three months since I started third year and I just keep saying to myself, next week, next week etc.

    I'm not sure whether I'm really looking for help, I guess I know what I have to do but finding it incredibly difficult. I'm hoping writing it all out will help me to vent a bit and do something about it; I don't want to graduate and regret not doing anything about it.

    Just go for it

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