Hello, my name is -Bangs-! Watch

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I'm studying... Maths, Physics, Biology and Geography

My study level is... AS-level
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(Original post by -Bangs-)
I'm studying... Maths, Physics, Biology and Geography

My study level is... AS-level
Hey there Bangs!

Welcome to TSR! I am sure you will enjoy it here! :woo:

Join in in Chat to meet more crazy TSRians and get involved in the wild and wonderful threads! :woo:

The Student Room has loads to offer! You can start at the Forum Page to navigate to all over the site! :ahee:

What are you studying?

There are many GCSE and A Level help pages that you can use to ask questions and aid your studies! :yay:

There are many sub sections for different subjects so if you want help in a certain subject area, it is there for you! :h:

Thinking of Applying to University or at University? Then there are may different threads and like minded people who you can ask questions to and get involved in the discussion! :yep:

If there is something that you want help with or wish to ask but you can't find it, then you are more than welcome to create your own thread! :woo:

TSR is full of amazing people!!! And everyone is different!!!! :star:
This is why TSR has Societies that you can join and get to know other people who like what you like! :party:

And now some general house keeping rules!:rolleyes: Just make sure to follow the Community Guidelines and if you don't like something then hit that REPORT button in the top right hand corner of every post! :grin:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other Welcome Squad member!!! :h:

Cupcakes87! :ahee:


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