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Does this source show that the suffragists were effective campaigners?
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I partially agree that source D shows the suffragists were effective campaigners.
For example members of NUWSS posing in front of their branch, suggesting it was propaganda to get supporters, which is covered with posters and pictures for female suffrage – clearly shows that this was their main method of protesting; alongside with signing petitions and holding public meetings on a large scale. Millicent, herself, and the movement were pacifists and hence did not agree with the extreme and violent tactics used by their opposing, yet more illustrious, movement; WSPU. For example the movement did not put emphasis and whenever ‘non-militant’ tactics were involved in female suffrage, they disagreed. This was the reason why there was a split between WSPU and NUWSS in the late 1908 – as they criticised each other’s activities – the suffragists believed that the Government became hostile due to WSPU, and hence hindered women getting the vote. The other three main banners in middle raise the issue of the Conciliation Bill, which gave potential right for women to vote, however it was dropped in the same year – ‘1911’. However the WSPU was more significant for women getting the vote, as it raised the issue further by its use of radicalised methods of protest, for example burning and chaining themselves to buildings, hunger strikes (which were confronted by the government by force feeding in 1909) and window smashing; this attracted sympathy and gave them publicity, which raised the issue further. Furthermore Emmeline Pankhurst motto was ‘deeds not words’, which was aimed and criticised the pacifists: WSSPU.
It is clear that the purpose of the photo is to get the public’s support for NUWSS, as it is portrayed as a ‘tranquil and pacifist’ organisation; suggesting that the NUWSS was rivals with WSPU and it strongly disagrees with its methods. Overall the suffragists did raise the concern for women getting to vote, however I think that WSPU made the issue more clear and exposed in the public’s eyes.
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