Food Bank Christmas Parcels & The human struggle of austerity. Watch

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Spare the politics for a moment Guys and Gals. I am creating a Christmas hamper for the food bank to give to families suffering over this winter.
Need ideas.

^^^^^^^^^^^^ Maybe you can do the same ^^^^^^^^^^^^

So am looking at:

*Canned & bagged food items.
*Sweets, Chocolate & Biscuits.
*Bathroom essentials.
*Unisex clothing accessories.
*And anything you can suggest.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^

I have a memory from when I was younger. My parents where in debt for a few months and I was given a present from a kind old lady. It was full of sweets & biscuits. I didn't know what to say at the time. I said thank you of course but it gave me a sense of sharing towards those who are worse off.

And when I started to give I felt a spiritual sense of enlightenment. A some what feeling that the struggle of the poor is a human struggle and we are all united at the time which we exchange gifts, words and feelings during hard times.

But coming back to reality and this present day: we all have political sides to choose but we also can make a difference on the 25th of December.
I'm not asking you to donate just because its Christmas but I'd rather persuade you all to unite with the less fortunate at a time where unity is possible in this country.

There are hard times ahead of us. There could be up to 30 billion in austerity cuts. So for one day if we can bring peace to the world lets try and make this cold winter less cruel on the poor.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^

Anyway folks could you please keep political point scoring out this thread. I want just one thread where we have cross party unity.
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Another thread on the same topic.

But atleast this one is relatively sane.

A good article fir you to read.

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