A question about mimimum entry requirements (Slovakia)

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Hello, I would like to ask a question about minimum entry requirements for the French and Politics degree, because they are confusing me a little bit. I am sorry if the post is too long, but I wanted to explain my question properly.

I am in the last year of high school in Slovakia (a member of the EU) and I am not sure if I am able to meet the requirements - it is stated on the University's webpage in the international requirements section that:

Minimum entry requirement [for Slovakia]: Award of Maturita Skuske with grade 2 in four Level A subjects. [...]
Subject specific requirements: For many degree programmes, we will expect you to have studied specific subjects within the Vysvedcenie o Maturitnej Skúške/Maturita. Where we ask applicants taking Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Highers for a specific subject(s) we will normally ask you for the same subject(s) in the Vysvedcenie o Maturitnej Skúške/Maturita. [...]

Maturita is a form of final examination in Slovakia - we have already chosen subjects that we are going to do Maturita in. Mine subjects are - English, History, French and Civics (I am not certain what it is called in the UK or if there even is an equivalent, but this subject includes the basics of Economics, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy and Law). These subjects cannot be changed. Maybe it is worth mentioning that I already have my Maturita Award from Slovak language and literature (grade 1).

Now, on the French and Politics degree's page it is written:

Entry requirements

Typical offer

The typical offer is likely to be:

  • SQA Highers: AAAA.
  • A Levels: AAA.
  • IB: 37 points overall and grades 666 at HL.

Minimum entry requirements

  • SQA Highers: BBBB by the end of S5 or BBBBB/ABBB from S4-S6. A language other than English required. Standard Grades: French at Grade 2, English at Grade 3 and Mathematics or an approved science at Grade 3.
  • A Levels: BBB including a language other than English. GCSEs: French at Grade B, English at Grade C and Mathematics or an approved science at Grade C.
  • IB: Award of Diploma with 34 points overall and grades 555 in HL subjects including a language other than English. SL: French at 5, English at 4 and Mathematics or an approved science at 4.

On the page about minimum requirements:

Mathematics or approved science

Where programmes in the College of Humanities and Social Science state that ‘Mathematics or an approved science’ is required at Standard Grade, National 5, GCSE or International Baccalaureate Standard Level, acceptable approved sciences are Biology, Chemistry, Physics. For Standard Grade and GCSE, Science is also acceptable. Please note that National 5 Lifeskills Mathematics does not meet this requirement.
For GCSE candidates, some degrees require grade A in Mathematics. Combinations of Mathematics and Physics both at grade B or Mathematics, Science plus Additional Science all at grade B would be acceptable to meet this requirement.

What I do not understand is if I need to have Maturita in Mathematics (or Biology, Physics, Chemistry) or if I only need to have Maturita in a language other than English (this requirement I would meet).

Elsewhere on the webpage I found a long list of "approved subjects" and at least History was among those listed - I am not sure if this was relevant at all. Link - http://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/undergr...demic/subjects .

So my question is - do I really need to have a Maturita Award in Mathematics (or Biology, Physics, Chemistry) or is it fine if I take Maturita in English, French and History as an "approved subject" (not sure about Civics). There is practically no chance of me changing one of my Maturita subjects to Mathematics (or Biology, Physics, Chemistry) at this point. I really need to know if I meet the requirements subject-wise. Also, I am going to do my best to get grade 1 in all of my four Maturita subjects.

Thank you for your answers in advance.
Tyler Bam
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Hey, sorry to see you haven't had any replies to your thread yet. Are you sure you’ve posted in the right place? Posting in the specific university or course forum should help get more responses.

If you haven’t already found it, then university connect is a really useful way for finding people at your course/university! You can also find a list of applicant threads and courses here. It's worth checking out if you have questions.

If you need advice on your academic work, then the Study Help section will be able to help you. Hope this helps!

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