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To give some background: I am currently a 4th year student in Canada studying Urban and Regional Planning.

I am looking to do a Master degree in the UK as there are really no real estate masters in Canada and im looking for an international experience.

That being said I was hoping to get local opinions on different degrees and schools offered in the U.K.

So far ive been considering:

M.Sc in Real Estate & Regeneration, University of Glasgow
M.Sc Real Estate and Planning, University College London
MPhil Real Estate Finance, University of Cambridge

I am also looking at a Real Estate Development degree in New York.

I want to compliment my planning education with a real estate focus so that I can eventually get into private real estate development.

Are these good schools/programs with for someone with my goals? Do you have any other suggestions for me to look into?

I have a CGPA of 3.8/4.33 (about an 83% average). And have experience working for two private firms and two government bodies.

Do you think this will be enough to qualify?

Any other comments you could provide me would be appreciated.
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Your three RE MSc are good, but they have different focus.

UCL is strong in urban planning, its Bartlett school is well regarded and some cooperation with other departments. Good balance btw private and public sector. UCL organises industry events and conferences.

Cambridge is more finance oriented and offers traditional electives in RE management. Smaller course.

Reading has a fabulous MSc RE and grads are very employable on the development, surveying, research and acquisitions side. International RE Dev firms recruit. Accredited by professional body RICS. A friend works in RE Dev and in his opinion Reading is the most relevant RE degree in the UK.

Glasgow RE is a good option.

You look into NYU Stern or Columbia?
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Thanks for the reply, I havnt looked into Reading yet I will check it out!

And i looked at the NYU Real Estate Development and Real Estate Degrees and the Real Estate Development at Columbia.

The cost of the American programs however is deterrent for me.

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