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I recently applied for English and English/Politics at Strathclyde starting September 2015. I received an unconditional for both courses and am extremely happy as it is one of my top choices. However, I also received an conditional offer to study Comparative Literature/English Literature at Glasgow University and only require one A at higher to secure my place.

I am aware that Glasgow is higher in the league tables than Strathclyde and is rated more highly for English degrees but I was far more impressed by the talk for English Lit at Strathclyde's open day than I was at Glasgow's. I know feel unsure about which university is truly for me.

I would be thankful if any past/present/future English students at either Glasgow or Strathclyde University could weigh in on this discussion. It would be greatly appreciated 😊

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Hi, I was just googling The opinions for Glasgow or Strathclyde university and came across your message in the student room. Can I just ask what university you decided to go to? I got unconditionals to study English and English literature in both Strathclyde and Glasgow and I really don't know what university to go to. I feel like the course sounds more interesting in Strathclyde but a bit outdated in Glasgow but I also don't want to turn down Glasgow just because I have the option of it

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