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    I've got a head boy interview on monday next week with my headmaster and im sooo nervous!
    Does anyone who has experience in this have any tips on interview technique and any possible questions that could be asked?
    This would be a great help,


    I have no experience of head boy interviews, but felt I would be encouraging.

    Don't be nervous, you're the person who's creating the pressure - don't! Basically, if you're nervous you won't come over well at all so don't even bother about it. Although you shouldn't sound rehearsed think of the obvious questions which are going to be asked! What do you have to offer the school as head boy? How would you consider yourself a good role model? Do you think that you could cope with being head boy and maintaining good grades? etc. etc. etc. Subtly try and swing the interview to play up your strengths. So if you get a question about whether you'll be able to manage to be head boy and keep up academically go on about all the character-building, stimulating activities you were doing out of school while you got your 10 A*s! Lol. Interviews are no problem, think about your answers, don't be nervous, stron (but not too strong) handshake, eye contact, positive body language...

    Face it, if you don't get head boy it's not really going to affect your future prospects plus it's a load of work you won't have to do!

    Good luck!


    I had my interview for head boy last year and i was really nervous too. You will be fine though i'm sure and it will be a really good experience for you in the future.

    The questions i was asked were things like:

    If one of your friends or members of your year group did something wrong, what would you do?
    What do you think makes you a good head boy?
    Also, I was asked what i would do to improve the school.

    There arent many other questions they could ask you really, just think up some good answers to the above so you don't get stuck when your in the interview.

    Good Luck,

    Hey! I was once a Head Boy a few years ago and I remember the interview well. Here are a few questions I was asked:

    How would you cope with an immoral or violent situation in school involving other pupils?

    What are your achievments inside school?

    What are your achievments outside school and do you have any extracurricular hobbies?

    What personal qualities do you have that would complement your role as Head Boy?

    Have you held any positions of leadership inside or outside school before?

    I remember SMILING the whole way throughout. Even if you are a bit drab- accentuate yourself for those 15-20 minutes. Eye contact is imperitive of course and good posture. Don't rush the questions and possibly contradict youself through your answer.. Maintain a good run thoughout the interview.

    A firm handshake may be appropriate. Don't sit until told to be seated.

    That's really it, well for me anyway.

    Good luck!

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