Most snoggable forum member (open 2 everyone lads and laydees!!!)

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(Original post by Joey_Johns)
Defensive illiogical crap by Bono amuses me greatly.
me too!
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(Original post by 4Ed)
just as a matter of interest, are there differences between chavs up north and chavs down here?
i believe i see less burberry where i live, than on chavscum...

Seen as I am down south at this moment in time I can answer that question rather well.

For me, the typical Northern chav is into his 'dance' and 'hardcore' much more than that of the southern chav. The southern chavs (especially the girls( seem to have a distinct passion to be black and therfore naturally like R and B whilst the males like their rap stars. Also due to this 'black' culture, the southern chavs tend to spend vast amounts of time in tantastic topping up their orange glow whilst within the Northern ranks this is less common and the 'fishy white' look is now cool, although oubviouslythere are exceptions.

From what I gather, Northern chavs do prefer burberry and southern ones seem to be now wearing this clothing with loads of weird writing on saying stuff like 'love' and 'sex', this clothing is often seen as skin tight Ali G hats or shirts. As for the bling bling, it is more apparent down south, maybe it is the slightly better weather meaning the chavs get to *sparkle* just that little bit more in the sun, who knows :confused:
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