Xi Jinping's attack on corruption and inefficiency in China , so, a purge? Watch

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I have been following this and to me it just seems like a consolidation of power, a displacing of rivals/dissent/political obstacles than any real serious attack at corruption. Sure, some wayward princelings may get the figurative cane, but does that really address problems throughout most of the party? You can say that his real inner circle is protected and on the whole it addresses a lot of corruption in the party. But imo all it really does in practise is let a favoured cadre monopolise the ability to be corrupt. It is quite a fascinating political apparatus and reminiscent of historical systems of authoritarian leadership where the leader's word is law and different departments jostle for his "Yes".

Re Laws: The rule of law they are emphasizing more and more imo is not wrong per se in that it is still legitimate law. Can their their laws really be considered laws? Imo, yes. I have studied jurisprudence at uni and have thought about this point re laws of authoritarian regimes in the past and they are still legitimate laws. Even if the "rule" is the prerogative of the central authority and the "law" is it's codification... that is still enforceable law. No different to western laws in that sense. Problem of course is the lack of electoral legitimacy from western style freedoms/safeguards/elections for the man on the street.

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