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    Oh well children are finding it easy enough to find 10 bottles of cider every Friday night so why not? Let's make it easier for them to get stoned as well.

    Let's downgrade Cocaine too - I want to get high!
    Because cocaine is so comparative with cannabis :rolleyes:

    You sarcasm would be effective if it wasn't so tarded.

    The fact is cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes, even mental heath problems caused by cannabis (by % of course) are less than those of drinking alcohol. I can argue that cannabis is relatively safe, but I believe there are two reasons the drug hasn't been legalised until they are resovled it never will be.

    Firstly because the law has been around for a long time (i think around 30-40 years), people take it as a certain that cannabis is bad, this means that it will be very difficult to change the common population's belief or
    The second reason is that legalising cannabis would cause more problems, for example as soon when the Netherlands officially decriminalised the possession and supplying of cannabis, user rate went up through the roof causing problems with people smoking cannabis all day (although use rates then fell in the next 3 years with cannabis use rates at the end below the previous use rate before decriminalisation of cannabis took place. Having two main legal recreational drugs (nicotine and alcohol), adding to the damage already caused by introducing the new legal drug.

    Also to the people talking about skunk getting stronger, it is but that's not necessarily causing problems. I believe some problems associated with cannabis being stronger in this country is down to the way dealers are cutting their product, (for example they pour glass beads on newly formed buds so that the buds grows and the glass is now inside, this increases the weight of the cannabis and the glass appears with a glance to be THC, or adding dangerous chemicals). I say this because I went to Amsterdam recently where the cannabis is not cut and is considerably stronger while being obviously legal (ish), and contrary to my first worries, I did not have a single bad experience (such as feelings of paranoia or being sick) which would of happened back home if I was smoking the some quantities.
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