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Hi there,
I'm a term into my AS courses. If anyone has done the same topics and subjects as me, and wouldn't mind sharing their notes, anything at all that they used to help them revise - I'd so appreciate it! Honestly, I really feel like I'm struggling with the notes I have, so anything to help with revision and I'd love you forever!

Here is a list of my subjects and topics:

AS English Literature (WJEC):

Oleanna by David Mamet
Carol Ann Duffy (Selected Poems: Standing Female Nude, The Other Country, The World's Wife)
Sheenagh Pugh (Selected Poems: Seren)

AS History (AQA):

Tsarist Russia 1855 - 1917
Britain and Appeasement 1919 - 1940

AS Film Studies (WJEC):

British and American Film Industry
Producers and Audiences
Horror genre (28 days later, Eden Lake, The Descent)

So any notes you have on any of these topics would be so gratefully received you have no idea!! I just want as much revision material for each of them as I can.

If you can help, please comment here or PM me.

Thank you so much!!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy holidays
TSR Jessica
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you’ve posted in the right place? Posting in the specific Study Help forum should help get more responses. Hopefully someone will be able to get back to you

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