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Over the past 3 years I have been friends with a guy I met through a mutual friend. I am 22 years old and he is 34 however things feel very natural between us and we are both very much ourselves around eachother.
Up until around 3 months ago our friendship consisted of us having late night chats on the weekend about music, films and anything else really. We could talk for hours about the most basic topics. Eventually we started calling eachother funny nicknames and gentle flirting however I never thought he could see me as anything more than a friend.
A few months ago he admitted liking me and I told him I liked him also, we text back and forth and eventually he asked me if I would accompany him to the theatre Of course I agreed. From there we went on several other dates and things were really consistent and both of us seemed to be on the same page.
over the past couple of weeks things have been quite intense as we had 3 disagreements - we talked about them maturely and agreed to put them behind us however this week he has become extremely distant, he has made excuses not to see me, he hasn't returned my 2 missed calls and he has barely sent a text.
at the weekend we discussed our feelings and how long we had feelings for eachtoher, both admiting there has been chemistry since the beginning - he initiated the conversation.
we are not intimate however he brought up this conversation also and he said he wanted to wait until I was ready.
what could have caused the distance from me since hours after he discussed our feelings with me?
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Maybe he was just angry and annoyed. It is a normal, natural emotion. Even you agree to discuss things disagreements maturely and come to a reasonable conclusion that doesn't mean that every thing suddenly goes hunky dory immediately.

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