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    This thread is....ancient.


    come on... a-levels are way better... i mean the ib is such kind of killer baccalaureate like the swiss matura. in my case it was special. i'm swiss and you know all on the planet say the swiss education is superb bla bla bla.... i'm really gifted in languages but i'm a desaster in sciences and i'm suffering from dyscalculia as well. school became more and more a place where i didn't want to go, i was really frightened of the sciences and i cried and got really depressive but when i discovered an international school in zurich and when i discovered a-levels all my problems vanished in the thin air. i did english, german, french and russian and i got AAAC. unfortunately the is for russian but hey... i passed and that's all what counts.

    I dont do IB, but I heard there is a LOT of work involved in it which is why it seems so harder than A level, but it really depends on the what subject you do in each course, it seems the top uni's prefer A levels, (as I always see A levels in the entrance requirements) But according to what I heard from an IB student, IB prepares you more for university than A level.

    I think IB is useless to be frank why would i want to to study something that im not going to end up study in university sound rather bizarre considering i have no intereset in it at the first place .Also why not do subject you find challenging and interest and get involved in the Dofe scheme or Envision which will show your academic aswell as well rounded

    IB is so much more hardcore than A-levels hands down.
    IB is one of, if not, the hardest secondary, pre-university courses which exist today.
    A-levels is just a system for kids to easily pass and do well in by barely doing any work. (slight exaggeration but you get the point)

    I liked the IB. Although you can not be as focused on subjects you like in A levels, you can still concentrate on the subjects that are not forced upon you. The Extended Essay allows you to focus and prepares you for uni in many ways the A levels doesn't

    I'm doing IB, mainly because at my school (international school of Düsseldorf) its IB or high school diploma (only good for US). Essentially I took IB to avoid having to go to boarding school, and so that I can go to uni in the UK. However; I love how IB makes you stand out when applying to uni, I want to study graphics or illustration, and when I went visiting uni's they said they prefer IB to a-levels. For arty subjects you would think it wouldn't matter, but when a uni has the choice of someone taking Art, Drama and English at a-level or someone taking History, English, Visual arts, Physics, Maths and French. Who do you think is likely to put more work into their course at uni? I'm not massively smart; at the moment I'm predicting myself 33 points, although I think A-levels would have been easier, IB has taught me how to work. I often curse the fact that I have to take maths, or the difficulties in the 4000 word essay, but in the end I will be a much stronger person. The students that chose IB chose against the easy option, and therefore that is why universities like them. I'm not saying IB is right for 100% of students, but I honestly believe at least 70% of students would benefit from taking IB.

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