A2 Psychology and History and stress

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Mark Coyle
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Currently I am booked in to some crash couses in February half term for revision courses in windsor, crash courses for psychology. My friend is tutored by an excellent guy who is now running these crash courses, so we are all booked in. Only problem is that I have not been able to find the same for history which I am struggling with massively at the minute for Windsor area or somewhere near! Any ideas people?

I am really looking forward to the two days my friends and I are booked in for as we know the specialist who will be delivering. My dilemma however is what else can I be doing or should I be doing?

I am looking for a crash course for History A2 in February half term also but have not been able to find any in Windsor.

At AS I achieved a B in psychology and need an A at A2, I achieved a B in History, an A in geography and a C in Biology. I have applied to study Psychology at University and need to achieve AAB. So the pressure is on…..any advice?
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Wow, you do the same subjects as me, got the same grades at AS except for History which I got a C in, and are also applying to Uni with the same course! In terms of struggling with History, what is it you're struggling with? Understanding/organising the content? Forming the essays? Anything else? To understand the content you need to have different people explain it to you in different words, ask teachers and classmates. For organising the content, again ask your teacher, or sit down with your revision book and notes, and look it all through and see how all the information is structured through time, looking at sample essay questions helps you to organise info too. With essay writing, have you done any practice in class? Ask your teacher how you would formulate an essay given the information you have. Just get out an past question and go through it together, and use it as a guide for the rest of the essay questions. I also know A2 has coursework, I've just finished mine, if you're struggling with that, the main things you have to look at are the markscheme criteria, you structure paragraphs in point, evidence, explanation format. With explanation part always provide evaluative points, so consider validity of things, consider how it answers your key question, point and evidence are pretty easy and shouldn't make too much of the essay, make sure you don't simply describe something. Also, the word essay means 'to assess' to ensure you look at two sides of argument, find evidence to oppose.

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