Am I asexual? What's wrong with me?! Watch

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I'm a 19 year old girl and really not interested in sex. The other night my uni friend asked me which celebrities I thought were hot and I just had no answer. It was really odd, I just couldn't think and my mind went blank! I felt as if someone who was gay was asked who from the opposite sex they thought was hot. I just realised that I'm not quite normal sexually.

I have never had a boyfriend or a "thing" with anyone. I make out with boys when I'm drunk fairly often. I often get very bored quickly with kissing them, probably because I have no emotional connection to these strangers!! I remember when I had my first kiss when I was 15 my first thought was "yes!! this means I'm not a lesiban", (I guess even then I felt different to my friends), and tbh almost all kisses since that have been utter crap. Recently I got off with a male friend that I fancy and it was so much better. But I knew he wouldn't like me so I didn't do anything about it and it didn't go anywhere. (I have quite low self confidence)

I have had crushes on girls, particularly those that seem to me to be/are bisexual. I've often wondered if I'm bi or lesbian. However, once I know them as a friend the crush goes away, so I think its more of wow that girl is so cool I want to get to know her! I'm intrigued what I would feel if I kissed a girl..

I do fancy boys and I'm friendly and chatty, get told I'm pretty etc. I'm not the MOST sociable person but I'm no introvert and theres nothing wrong with me. I guess I don't have that many good friends who are boys.

I am a bit underweight and I hate it, which affects my self confidence a lot.
Sexually I feel dull. But at the same time I don't care enough to change it. I want a boyfriend because I want people to think/to convince myself that I'm normal... wtf?

If anyone feels the same or has any advice I'd really appreciate it!
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Until about 2 years ago, I felt very similar to you! I couldn't really put finger on what it was, but there was definitely something "wrong" with me. Do you know what was wrong? I just hadn't met the right person yet.

I know that sounds really patronising but it was true for me.
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If you were asexual you wouldn't kiss people drunk or not. You just wouldn't have the desire to do that.

You're not asexual, you're just unfortunate as the above poster said too.

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