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Hello everyone...I'll hope somebody will have the patience to read my problem.. I gladly recieve whatever advice you can give me in order to use it as a solution.
So let me start with the beggining... Recently .. in the september of 2014 i decided to continue my studies in UK, in criminology domain. I have never taken so drastic decisions but i was thinking that with a little work, i can acomplish that dream. But the problem is , only now i have just realized that i need more than just a little work.. this is a battle for survival and i need to study every second of my spare time in order to be admitted to a top university.
I am from Romania and i have to get my english to an academic level..so this is another problem which i'm confronting..I have only 5 months untill my IELTS exam and i don't know if it's enough. A good University i belive that it requires at least a 7 overall at IELTS.
The real problem is that in the highschool i didn't participate at any extra-curricular activities , i've never been engaged in debates therefore i don't know what to write in my personal statement because i have nothing to "brag" about. I want to study criminology .. i have a lot of motivation to do that, aslo i am a hard worker when it comes to study about my interests but i think i don't have any chance to be admitted to a top university in criminology...My options are Essex , Huddersfield, Loughborough ,Leeds or Exeter
Please give me some advices what should i do .. Btw i am aplying through SAAC ( Study Abroad Advising Center ) not individualy.. My questions are : 1.
1.What are my chances to be admitted to Universities mentioned before according to my situation?
2.If i don't have any scholar achivements nor i didn't participate to voluntariates , what should i write in personal statement ?
3.If i don't have any chance at those Universities , what other options could be ?
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Have you actually checked out the entry criteria for these courses? Yes Leeds and Exeter may not be achievable at this stage but Huddersfield entry is BBC and if you don't have english at IELTS 6 you can take a pre-sessional English programme to avoid the IELTS.

You need to start researching. Also, whilst there is nothing wrong with Huddersfield University, it is probably not what you would define as a "top" university.

There are lots of universities that offer Criminology, you seem to have an odd mix of choices, any particular reason for those choices?

If you are applying for 2016 entry you have plenty if time to do some volunteering activities, do a part time job, join a sports club, read books and do research on criminology etc so plenty of opportunities to have something to write about in a personal statement.

If you have 5 months before your IELTS you can't surely be applying for 2015 can you? Cut off is 15th January.

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