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As one of my hobbies, construction and architecture gets my imagination going as it is one of my main hobbies i've always wanted to pursue as a career because it has always fascinated me.

I've had a few dream jobs in the past such as Architect, Interior Designer and that sort of thing but never had any qualifications to relate to it let alone experience.

There are a few problems however such as:

Lack of creativity and imagination in general - these things are pretty much a necessity in the design stages of construction, not that I know what is involved but I feel that it's something that can be improved on over time.

Average communication skills, low-average physical ability

Do I stand any chance in this industry?

Also my current career path is IT which I might get bored of as well as not being able to get any jobs, i'm also not very good at drawing but again can improve over time.

So really the final question is should I stick with my current career path or give it up for another sector?

Plus I'll be no good at computer-aided drawing/design seeing as it is a bit too technical which is another reason why I want to change my career.
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Every commercial architect I know just lies to their clients and rehashes specs from old projects. The only creativity needed is when it comes to the billing.

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