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    All 6 of my friends went to university last year for the sake of proceeding to the next step. What I mean by this is that non of them knew which course they will be doing the previous year before been accepted to uni. 2 of them are studying pr - public relations. They dont even know what kinda job theyll have when they are done and the others are studying marketing without any interest of the course. They all tell me *we want to make money we dont care what we studu* they all persuaded me to study marketing but I just couldn't. I refused not to follow my dream of been a doctor now il forever be 3 years behind them in life but we were in the same class in high school but because theu ****ed me up I was blind and didnt take sciences subjects now im going back to been 2yrs behind and do science s and be a dr. Did you study for the sake of finnishing ?

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    Not quite sure what you're asking.

    You seem bitter about your friends. The fact is that so many office job type careers require a degree now as a basic entry point. It is not your friends who have chosen this without any outside influence - this is an environment that has been constructed by the government and universities. Your friends are not naturally 'destined' for university and higher education because it is only recently that higher education = getting into a decent job (yes I know there are lots of exceptions but this is a general trend).

    You don't need to compare yourself to your friends. If you are going back to school/college to change your A levels so that you can become a doctor, why are you bitter about what your friends do? If your friends just want to make money that is their choice and you should be supportive. Two years is not a long time considering that you will potentially have a career as a doctor for over 40 years.

    I'm studying for the sake of finishing and actually working as well. Don't think there's anything wrong with that. You just have to do what you need to do to stay competitive.

    The field I'm looking to is Investment Banking which requires a degree.
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