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Will we experience a real life backlash towards feminism? How? watch


    (Original post by Darkphilosopher)
    My bad, I thought you were just refering to TSR. That said, I discuss it amongst my friends fairly regularly.
    That's cool. Yeah, these types of internet forums are so full of these types of discussions...

    I just had a good laugh at the idea that feminism is unpopular right now XD

    (Original post by MarriageSucks)
    or the more degenerate sites like 4chan and now 8chan
    >degenerate sites
    >links /pol/

    Sure thing buddy.

    Feminism will lead to the demise of the West, especially the UK and US. Our way of life has always been about small-state, family responsibility. There won't, however, be any kickback because the state is on the single parents' side, which is the greatest issue largely due to feminism and individualism.

    This idea that we are not tied to anything or anyone, we have no responsibilities other than to "be happy", enjoy life and get on with work. We will just end up with a diminished population, overrun by idiots who don't care about their community because they're damaged individuals who don't think outside of their own perspective.

    I honestly wish there was kickback on feminism; petitions and law repeals- for divorce especially. Rape accusations are thrown around far too often with little evidence.

    So, what backlash CAN there be? It's difficult, because women hold the reproductive cards. This means that it's difficult for men to change behaviours in their mates, but easy for women to do it the other way round. We'll end up in an idiocracy if we're not careful.

    I'm rambling but whatever:

    The problem isn't so much idiots having lots of children, it's more like those children being allowed to run riot because they have no authority-figure. The state may give out the dosh, but it don't distribute the discipline in children.

    (Original post by redferry)
    I just had a good laugh at the idea that feminism is unpopular right now XD


    Only 27% of women call themselves feminists. There has been an big backlash from both men and women over things like the Matt Taylor shirt incident, UVA & Lena Dunham rape hoaxes etc. The lunatic SJW's on Tumblr are driving the moderates and men who may otherwise be allies away from the cause.

    See also this:
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