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    I've got an interview with the Uni on the 4th of Feb for the Film Production course.

    I was wondering if there is anything I should bring with me (other than a portfolio)? + I was wondering who else had an interview with them then?

    Gloucestershire Uni is my top choice so I hope it goes well as I really cant wait to start university next year.

    Wish me luck
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    (Original post by Kg1997)
    Hey, I had my interview earlier this month and found no info about this sort of stuff anywhere, so any questions I would be happy to help. I would maybe take a pen and a small writing pad just so that when you do the morning session yo can jot any ideas down (I did this and it was really helpful to our group). It is amazing though, and the staff are really nice so don't worry.
    Good luck!
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I read your comment and I was too tired to reply so I thought about replying the day after and ... I forgot so its now the day after that day after.

    What does the morning session consist of? Its the first i've heard of it as I just assumed I would be shown around a bit along with being introduced to the lectureres before having a one on one interview?

    What "feel" did you get from the university. Did it feel like there was potential or did it feel like people went there to die (if you know what I mean)?

    What did you think of the course? Reading about the course on a prospectus / online can be completely different when getting there?

    Did you get a chance to look at the surrounding area? What was it like?

    Did you get to meet any of the lecturers? If so, were they happy to be teaching or did they just take the job because it was work (if you know what I mean)?

    Finally, would you still do the course after going? (What I mean by this is that for example, you see the course online and it looks amazing but when you get there its absolutely terrible and you wouldnt study there in a million years)

    Did you get to look at the halls of residance? What were they like? E.g. clean / dirty spacious / cramped.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.
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    (Original post by Kg1997)
    When you first turn up you go through into a lecture theatre and the head of the School of Media gives a talk to everyone about how great the course is. After that the Film Production students are called up and taken with Freya Billington who is the course leader and you are taken into a studio where Freya gives a talk about the type of students she looks for. Then you are split into groups of 3/4 and then given about 30 minutes to come up with a film to pitch to Freya and some current students. This sounds terrifying but it isn't as bad as it seems, essentially the idea doesn't matter as long as when you are coming up with the idea you are engaging and giving ideas to the group, and when you present you are enthusiastic. After that the one on one interviews are done, the order it is done in is based on distance so if you close then you may be waiting a while. After your interview you can go on campus and halls tours (which I did and it was very useful).

    The main feel that I got from the university was that it supplied you with the right connections to get somewhere in the industry. They talk about how there are consistently guest lecturers in,and they have an annual festival to show students work (which I was impressed by). Another thing that gave me a good vibe was that one student told me how he started his own business instead of writing an essay for his dissertation so it seems like if you want to do something they have the right ability and resources to support your decisions.

    I actually think that going changed my mind (in a good way) about the university. Reading about it online I knew I wanted to apply there but I think you can't really make a decision until you have been somewhere and seen people on the course talking about it. I actually found on the university website a list of all the modules you can do whilst at Gloucestershire university (if you haven't seen it, then I can give you a link to it because it's very informative) and the spectrum seems very broad. Also they take you to foreign festivals and you do work placements (last year a lot did work at Ardman) which are always a blessing.

    The only chance I really got to look at the area was when I was driving through it, but what I did see looked beautiful and the campus too looks amazing, it's quite rural but there is still a lot going on (if that makes any sense).

    I met two of the lectures, Freya Billington who seems very enthusiastic to be teaching and when I saw how she was around her current students it was clear she had a great relationship with them, and they all seemed happy to be there. The other lecturer I met was called Rachel Tillotson (she did my interview) and she was lovely and made me feel at ease. I asked a student how easy it was to contact them if you needed help or advice and they seem to be really good where that is concerned.

    I have already accepted an offer there so for me the course was perfect, it was only really once I went that I knew that it was for me because it was too far away for me to go for an open day, so if you are the same as me and haven't been before I would advise going on a tour as that really did make my mind up.

    The halls are really nice, the ones that are en-suite are obviously a bit smaller but they don't seem cramped at all.

    Sorry for the length of this just wanted to make sure it was detailed enough. Hope that helps, anything else and I would happy help.

    Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it

    I found the list of modules not too long ago (and I have to admit, they hid quite well) and I was really impressed by it. I really wanted to do animation (using after effects) along with directing and they actually offer that which I was super excited for.

    I just have one more question. Do you know how big the class sizes are?

    Other than that, here's to September. Unfortunately, I havent been offered a place (conditional or non-conditional) however I am almost positive I will be offered one.

    I guess I'll see you (hopefully) in September
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